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Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) is the body responsible for university applications. Its website ( gives important information about courses, how to apply and contains the UCAS apply software which allows you to make your application.

Your application to university or college is overseen by your personal tutor, with advice from the Head of Higher Education and Careers.

There are useful pages giving you advice on applying to university in your student planner including the UCAS tariff and there is also UCAS information evening for your parents and carers looking at important issues like student finance.

Lower 6th Spring Term

  • Attend a presentation on Higher Education and the University application process.
  • You’ll be offered the opportunity to complete the COA Centigrade questionnaire to give you ideas about appropriate university courses to match abilities and interests.
  • Start exploring provisional ideas for University courses.
  • Make visits to university open days, pre-application.

Lower 6th Summer Term

  • You’ll receive estimated AS and A level grades from subject teachers so that appropriate courses can be selected.
  • Continue visits to open days after AS module examinations.
  • Attend a workshop on how to complete the application online, and how to prepare your personal statement. Visiting speakers will also come to the Academy to help with this.

Upper 6th Autumn Term

  • Provide your tutor with a draft personal statement.
  • Your tutor will prepare a confidential reference to support your application.
  • See the Head of Higher Education to get your application form checked before sending it to the admissions service (UCAS).
  • You will start to receive responses from universities and invitations to interviews.

Upper 6th Spring Term

  • You’ll receive final invitations to interviews and responses from universities.

Upper 6th Summer Term

  • Select two options (a ‘firm’ choice and an ‘insurance’ choice); all other offers are rejected.

Summer Holidays (August)

  • Receive your A level results. If you haven’t achieved the grades required by chosen university – all is not lost – you can apply for other courses through the ‘Clearing’ system.


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