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Art and Design

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Our motto is: to be brave: to be bold: to think big with ideas

At Park Academy West London, The Design Department vision is to deliver a well-thought out creative curriculum that engages with positive experimental learning practice which promotes participation and ambitious outcomes of students’ work. We recognise our local students are talented and we are here to help them realise their true potential.

At Park Academy West London we have great facilities including a printing press, two front-loader kilns, ceramics equipment, woodwork room, an artist studio, computer room with 3D printer and large classrooms.

From September 2019 the Design Department’s curriculum courses expand beyond the traditional Art and Design.  For our KS4 students, the Design Department provides a GCSE 3D course that consist of ceramics, sculpture, architectural design, interior design, product design, environmental /landscape design, design for theatre, film and television and jewellery and body adornment. We also have plans alongside  to deliver in 2020 The University of the Arts  London Printmaking course for Year 9 students. 

Encompassing this change is a new Design Department with a dedicated Art Studio for students who want to explore their skills on an independent level and will be able to realise their ambition because of this space. Adding to this space will be a contextual Art History study room where students can increase their knowledge of great artists, craft workers and designers.

We are a small creative department with big ideas bringing a decade of art education experience as well as the experience from prestigious art schools like Goldsmith College and The University of the Arts London (UAL).  We also help our new to profession teachers grow into outstanding practitioners by supportive mentorship and shared experiences.

Our Arts curriculum at Park Academy West London is designed to stimulate creativity, engage and inspire our students to produce high quality works of art. This is done by:

  • Providing students with a broad range of art, craft and design skills
  • Developing creative, adaptable and entrepreneurship skills
  • Delivering a range of skill based activities  in drawing, painting, printmaking and 3D works
  • Ensuring students develop confidence in literacy skills in art history context
  • Developing students’ literacy skills by teaching them about different art terms, art periods and keywords
  • Ensuring all students develop strong sketchbook practice
  • Ensuring all students have opportunities beyond the classroom experience via field trips, visiting universities, engaging with speakers and outreach programmes.

Key stage 3

During Key Stage 3, students have three hours of art and design lessons over a fortnight. This time is spent on enabling students to become proficient in drawing, painting, printing, textiles and 3D techniques.  Over the course of three years, students will gain a variety of knowledge, skills and different art practices using a variety of artistic techniques. The curriculum delivery for three years covers:-

Year 7: Still Life (formal element skills), Pop Art and Movement

Year 8: Portraiture, Teddy Bears, Cultural Concepts

Year 9: Sense of Place: Printing Project reflecting upon intaglio, relief, lithography and screen-printing. Students will be awarded the Park Academy West London Art Department Certificate on successful completion of the course.

We also provide a popular range of extra-curricular activities for our students in Key Stage 3, such as  drawing, painting and printing.

Key Stage 4

GCSE students follow the AQA exam syllabus, which is comprised of 60% coursework and 40% timed assessment.  The coursework is made up of two elements: sustained and satellite projects. The sustained project subject matter is: Human Form, Physiology and Portraiture with a sense of place. Students investigate human context and how they interact with environmental settings. Students are encouraged to take original photographs and draw from life as a starting point.  As part of a satellite project, students will investigate either Cass Sculpture Foundation or Natural Forms and make connections with a sense of place.

We encourage two applications of literacy skills in art practice; one being quick notes and the other is extended writing using correct keywords.  We help students to develop a clear and concise sketchbook showing all development of ideas. We use go green and think pink marking with termly assessments.

Key Stage 5

A Level students follow AQA Art and Design or Photography syllabi. 

Year 1: The sustained project subject matter is: Human Impact in Environmental Studies- think Climate Change.  How do humans interact with society or make a contribution to who they are? How do you show a period of time? How would you show in a creative context of human composition? What about moods, emotions and presences?  This project examines key factors of urgent action on climate change. Students are to create artworks relating to climate change using a variety of used or found objects- whether this be containers/ plastic bottles or drawings/paintings/photography to show evidence of catastrophic change to our environment. Students should present works in a storytelling format in a sketchbook/sheets or digital format meeting all assessment objectives.

Year 2: subject matter is: Personal Investigation: where students think about the subjects they would like to investigate and why for example: words, feminism movement, environmental studies, cultural concept of micro aggression, stereotypes, hobbies and Zimbabwe cross cultural links.

All of these courses allow our students to pursue either a general Fine Art degree or to specialise in a recognisable field of Art and Design such as Architecture, Graphic Design or Painting. All exam courses culminate in an exciting and ambitious array of works which are exhibited, with Post-16 students being supported in creating a high quality portfolio to support university applications. 

We also provide successful extra-curricular activities for our Key Stage 4 and 5 students in drawing, painting and printing after-school.  As well as field trips to Tate Modern Gallery.

Our students at Park Academy West London, will be supported by an outreach programme from The University of the Arts to examine careers in The Arts, being portfolio ready, making applications to Universities and using the facilities at the London College of Communication site.  We also invite artists from the Royal Academy of Arts to support our students artistic skills on school site which is an exciting partnership.