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Ethics and Philosophy

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Ethics and Philosophy aims to give all pupils an understanding of the beliefs and practices of the six major world religions and how they have attempted to answer the fundamental questions about human life. We do not aim to indoctrinate in any way but we believe that in the modern world we need to understand different people and cultures. We don’t think it’s possible to make sense of world history or many modern world events without an understanding of the beliefs that underpin them.

Key Stage 3

We do not currently teach this subject at Key Stage 3.

Key Stage 4

At GCSE we study AQA.  We focus on Christianity and Islam, with students studying key practices and beliefs as well as how they approach controversial issues such as the death penalty, euthanasia and animal testing.


A subject that was catapulted into the school curriculum in the 2000s, it filled a critical gap in the students’ comprehension of the world around them and gives them new skills and knowledge. From the British prison system to the use of chemical weapons in Syria, Citizenship allows students to cover a wide range of current events to develop a comprehension of what has happened. They will learn the facts of what has happened, analyse why they have happened and appreciate a wide range of viewpoints on issues. Students also campaign to raise awareness for an issue they feel moved by; such as creating twitter pages, doing assemblies or lobbying MPs. At Park Academy we emphasise Active Citizenship by undertaking a number of projects and getting pupils to take part and campaign. In the last year alone, students campaigned for their chosen issues and visited the Houses of Parliament to meet and debate with MPs.

Citizenship is an option at Key Stage 4 on the AQA Syllabus.


Subject Documents Date  
Ethics and Philosophy Year 11 Long Term... 16th Jan 2018 Download
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