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In English, our vision is to have all students understand the power of language so that they can seek to harness its potential as a gateway to knowledge and understanding. 

We aim to guide students to become global, informed and independent citizens, who can make educated decisions about their futures. We hope to achieve this by enabling students to be fluent and informed readers, writers and speakers, who can express themselves confidently in a variety of situations, both inside and outside of the classroom. Language, and its implementation, is constantly evolving due to technology profoundly changing how we choose to communicate.

The skills acquired and developed within English lessons have a positive impact that permeates a student’s entire curriculum.  Students, throughout their seven years in English at Park Academy, are provided with the opportunity to access, analyse and question high quality literature, whilst being able to debate, discuss and challenge perceptions and ideas. We have high expectations of our students – setting challenging schemes of learning in our rich curriculum – and wish to ensure that they are ready for life beyond the Academy’s walls.

Throughout Key Stage 3, we seek to build on student knowledge year by year to guide students to understand that authorial intention is key to being able to critically appreciate a text. We have created a curriculum, that clearly demonstrates visible and necessary links between Key Stage 3 and GCSE, by supporting students to begin to comprehend and explore a series of fundamental, universal and timeless themes which influence us as members of society; for example class divide, gender boundaries, abuse of power and relationships. We aim to foster a love of reading that extends beyond the academy day through giving our students exposure to a range of texts alongside reading whole books as part of our curriculum studies.

At GCSE and A level we provide a curriculum that teaches beyond what is simply required by the exams by building on the foundations of the previous years of study, enabling us to cascade essential KS5 skills throughout our KS3 and KS4 curriculums. We are seeking to provide breadth and depth in our schemes of learning focused on cultural and academic progression. Both the Language and Literature components are built around a process of interweaving topics and self-testing so that students develop a mastery of both skills and knowledge that is applicable for their 21st century lives and prepares them for lifelong learning and higher education.