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At Park Academy West London the Business Department are passionate about creating independent learners. Our learners have great business acumen and have the ability to aspire to be successful in today’s society. Our students are increasing in their entrepreneurial skills and we focus on developing these skills which enable them to flourish as business people. 

The Business Department provides students with the opportunity to study Business Studies at Key Stage 4 and Finance at Key Stage 5. Both these courses enable students to not only manage their own finances but also have the ability to make good financial decisions. Students will leave with ample amounts of knowledge on how the business world works and will be able to understand how and why businesses make the decisions they do.

When students study with us they are able to gain, develop and build on a whole range of skills.  These include independence, students will be taught ways in which they are able to make decisions self-sufficiently,  they will be able to shape their thoughts in a profound manner leading to sound conclusions being drawn. Secondly, we are determined in creating analytical thinkers. We allow students to be critical, this works particularly well when PESTLE is taught as the students are able to critique decisions made by the government. Students are given many opportunities to work in groups which allows them to develop their interpersonal skills.   Our subjects encourage our students to aspire to become successful and dynamic business people.

The Business Department at Park Academy West London is designed to produce creative, pro-active global citizens and with the support and passion from their teachers we aim to create the leaders of the future. Our teachers aim to enrich our students’ young minds and empower them to be future business leaders and inspire other students to reach their full potential.

Students on the Business course have opportunities to present their business proposal to members of the Senior Leadership Team and receive constructive feedback, which they can reflect on to further develop their projects. This gives them the ability to develop their presentation skills. Further to this, students will use their mathematical skills to identify strengths and weaknesses in their financial accounts and analyse how they can create a viable business.

Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 students follow the Pearson BTEC Level 1/Level 2 Tech Award in Enterprise. This syllabus allows students to exercise an array of skills and covers a range of topics. These include Finance, Operations and Marketing. Students also have the opportunity to judge the success of businesses based on elements such as the characteristics, internal and external factors.  The course encourages students to have a holistic view point and to consider a series of arguments when making business decisions. Business students will undertake two pieces of coursework and a final exam.

Key Stage 5

Our Post 16 students studying Finance follow a syllabus set by the London Institute of Banking and Finance. This course covers four units: Units 1 and 2 take place in Year 12, in these units the students will be able to analyse personal finances, allowing them to investigate decisions individuals should make regarding their finances. Units 3 and 4 allow students to see what impact the external environment will have on not only the individual, but also, the banking industry.

The Business Department are extremely proud of the impact which they have on their students’ lives. We have a number of students who continue their studies with us, from Year 11 into Post-16. A high level of our students then go on to pursuing careers in the Business/Finance field, using either the university, apprenticeship or employment route.