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PSHCE (Personal Social Health and Citizenship Education)

Many children face some difficult life choices when they are at school and in their later life. PSHCE gives them information about these choices so they can make informed decisions. PSHCE is cross-curricular and there are a number of ways this curriculum is delivered at the academy. We deliver a PSHCE programme for all students through our Academic Mentoring sessions which covers healthy relationships, digital literacy and online safety as well as other citizenship topics such as extremism. We also utilise our assembly slots, for example, delivering E-Safety assemblies to Year 7 and Year 8. In Year 7 some Science lessons will focus on puberty and the changes that the body goes through.  Finance and budgeting are taught through Maths lessons. In addition we organise drop down days for older year groups delivered by external agencies such as Brook Advisory Service. These presentations focus on sexual health and relationships including consent, homosexuality and drugs education.