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At Park Academy West London we are committed to preparing students for the future in all aspects including physically, emotionally, socially, mentally and intellectually. PSHCEE and RS education helps students to achieve their potential by supporting their wellbeing and tackling issues that can affect their ability to learn, such as anxiety and unhealthy relationships. They are able to gain Cultural Competency, one of the Future Skills, and gain an ability to understand each other and operate in different cultural settings.

In Year 7, RS and PSHCEE are currently taught through assignments and APP Weeks, as well as a tailored Academic Mentoring programme for the year group.  From January 2020, Year 7 students will also have RS lessons as part of their curriculum.  In Years 8 and 9, students have PSHCEE and RS through a carousel as part of their curriculum as well as Academic Mentoring time.  The assembly programme is planned to support to support the delivery of PSHCEE throughout the school. 

Our vision is to deliver an authentic education for the 21st century for all of our students.  The Wellness Curriculum at Park Academy West London equips young people with the soft skills and global awareness to succeed in the changing working environment of the 21st Century.

We focus on developing the following future skills:

  • Resilience
  • Cross cultural competency
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Creative and adaptive thinking
  • Cognitive load management
  • Sense making
  • Media Literacy
  • Entrepreneurialism
  • Trans Disciplinarily
  • Productivity and Accountability.

The trends in our ever changing work environment back up the need for these skills to be developed at a younger age to ensure work readiness.

The PSHCE curriculum at Park Academy West London is designed to provide the young people with global cultural capital, a detailed understanding of the world they live into today and the impact it can have on their future. It fosters greater inclusivity and collaboration enabling the young person to build positive relations both in terms of friendships and team working.  It draws out and develops leadership capabilities and inspires our young people to think big and never underestimate themselves.  We encourage them to debate and share ideas, to support each other and to focus on their own Wellness and develop learning strategies that will help them to overcome the stresses and strains of daily life.

Year 8 and 9 students participate in Citizenship lessons focussed on the following areas:

British Values - what it means to be British, pride in our environment, ever changing Britain.
Finding a purpose – Aspirations and goal building, creating roadmaps to our chosen careers
Ready to work – what soft skills are required, how to present ourselves, what to expect
Leadership – how to be an effective leader and be an integral part of a team.
How I present myself – public speaking, visual impact, conversation skills, interview skills, CV’s.
Resilience – how to overcome obstacles, dealing with conflict, deadlines, and difficult conversations.
Organisation skills – personal planning, task management and time management.
Cultural Capital – celebrating the different religions cultures and nationalities present in the UK.

These lessons are highly interactive with many practical exercises and assignments designed to build confidence, independence and problem solving. The students have the freedom to explore the subject areas in great depth and to be creative in their interpretation of the practical tasks. This creates vibrant lessons where there is much debate, collaboration and fun.  The students conduct speeches and presentations, votes at their polling station, political campaigns and are empowered to own their success and develop aspirations for not only themselves but the wider world.

In addition to these themes we also dive deeper into the following areas:

Financial awareness and responsibility - Budget management, debt avoidance, savings, bank accounts, taxes.
Mental health and wellbeing – Healthy living, dealing with anxiety and stress, positive mental attitude, what to do.
Sexual health – pregnancy, STD, relationships, birth control etc.
Crime prevention – knife crime/weapons, safety, police powers, drugs, what to do if…
Global issues: a deeper look into international news focussed on politics, human rights, United Nations

For these deeper learning subject areas we invite outside agencies into the school to conduct more interactive and indepth sessions.  Enabling the students to really explore the subject and issues surrounding it with experts in the field on hand to be able to guide and inform.

Some of our partners in these sessions are:

Metropolitan Police.
Prison Me! No way!

With new partners being introduced this year these deep learning sessions add real value to the overall programme – embedding and boosting the learning already received.


At Park Academy West London we use our school assemblies to focus on aligning expectations and celebrating achievements but the main body of all our assemblies echo the Wellness Curriculum with the same themes that we see within PSHCEE being followed. We also introduce many international observances to ensure that our students see themselves as global citizens with an awareness of their place and relevance in the wider world.  Thus ensuring that when our students leave the academy they are fit to compete in the ever changing global employment market.


Many of the above themes will be echoed in the PSHCEE curriculum delivered weekly in Academic mentoring time further embedding the learning.  However these sessions will also focus on international observances and key social issues like Bullying and Homophobia.

Using real life examples these sessions are structured to foster group discussions and idea sharing with a small amount of information giving at the start and the larger part focussed on discussion. This develops our young people develop the ability to debate, problem solve and share ideas. Helping them to become better rounded individuals able to communicate effectively about a number of challenging subjects.

Since 2017 the sessions have been planned so that although they may be delivered in short bite size chunks, as the students move through year 7 to 13 the sessions do build upon each other to deliver a comprehensive view of the subject matters and foster a more in-depth understanding where opinion forming can develop.

By moving through this curriculum young people become well rounded individuals with the cultural capital, pride and the soft skills they need to succeed in whatever their chosen path is after they leave the academy – In short we are delivering the great citizens of the future!

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