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As an Aspirations Academy we are committed to developing all students to have the Future Skills necessary to be successful in the modern world, now and in the future. Computing helps support the Future Skill of media literacy, the ability to use and develop content that uses all media forms One of the Aspirations Trust’s nine core principles is to encourage students to be Makers and Creators with a focus on being a creator and not just a consumer of technology in the ever changing digital world.

At Park Academy West London all National Curriculum subjects are taught as both single subject and through the transdiscipline assignments. In Year 7, the National Curriculum attainment targets for Computing are currently taught through assignments (such as the Tomorrow’s world assignment), APP Weeks and Research and Innovation weeks.  It is then sequenced through Year 8 and Year 9 in Science, Maths, Humanities, and Art and Design. From January 2020, Computing will continue to be sequenced through these subject areas as well as be taught as a discrete subject in Years 8 and 9.