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Year 6 Opening Evening – Wednesday 18th September 2019, 5.00pm-8.00pm

Park Academy West London is a new school for a new age. We aspire to provide outstanding education for our young people and aim to ensure that not only our students, but the whole community become proud of the Academy and its successes.

Transition at Park Academy West London is about students having fun, making excellent progress and feeling well supported from the minute they step through the door. We strongly believe that students should dream about the future, while being inspired in the present to reach those dreams. The video below should give you an idea of what Transition at Park Academy West London is like for our students. Our Transition programme includes:

  • Personalised visits to each Primary School by a Senior Leader, to meet students and engage with them before their induction;
  • Collaborative work with several local Primary Schools, making strong links to Primary/Secondary Curriculum, and ensuring students are well prepared for Secondary education. This includes ‘Year 6 Taster Days’ for some local Primaries who have opted in;
  • An engaging and exciting Transition Day, where students get a real feel of what life is like at Park Academy West London;
  • A stimulating curriculum in Year 7, including all subjects from Drama and Art to Science and Languages;
  • An Academic Mentor (Form Tutor) who will ensure a smooth transition and immediate support when required;
  • An Academy that engages with parents/carers, including several events in the lead up to Transition, as well as a ‘Settling In Evening’ in early September of their induction year.

The buildings and facilities are state of the art and provide a wonderful platform for the high quality education that will be delivered at the Academy. We are passionate about excellence in education, giving students the very best start in life with a firm belief that excellent teaching transforms lives.

As an Aspirations Academy, our core belief is that for all students to have high aspirations they must believe in themselves, be actively engaged in their learning and see the connection between what they learn today and who they want to become tomorrow. Young people should experience education in its widest possible sense, including excellence in the classroom and in public examinations, opportunities of extra-curricular activities and a strong link with the local community.

At Park Academy West London, we provide a blend of traditional values with a very modern context. We establish the traditional values of respect and self-discipline and our students will wear their uniforms with pride at all times. By setting the highest expectations in terms of learning, behaviour, attendance and appearance, we develop a sense of purpose and self-esteem that naturally lead to aspiration, ambition and achievement. As a result, Park Academy West London provides a happy, calm and purposeful environment in which students will make excellent progress and achieve strong exam results.

Our Academy has a very exciting future, with an ambitious vision to become outstanding in every respect. To achieve this, we place learning at the heart of everything we do, supporting and challenging one another to achieve our full potential. By providing an engaging curriculum, excellent teaching and a range of exciting opportunities beyond the classroom, we will promote a love of learning that benefits students throughout their lives. Our aim is for students to leave Park Academy West London with the knowledge, skills and self-assurance they need to be successful at university or in their chosen career.

We are committed to providing the very best for every child. We hope that this will inspire you to visit the Academy to experience for yourself its vibrant atmosphere and caring ethos, with a view to making an application to enrol your child. We welcome visits at any time; simply contact our Reception and we will do the rest. We very much look forward to welcoming you to Park Academy West London.

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