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Our Vision


‘We aim to empower young minds, create opportunities and deliver dreams’


  • We build confidence and resilience in our students
  • We ensure all our students feel safe at Park
  • We promote healthy living, well-being and independence
  • We are committed to developing our students so that they have the skills required for the 21st century


  • We deliver engaging lessons for all abilities
  • We provide a curriculum that matches the needs of our students 
  • We develop an extra-curricular programme, offer trips and seek to develop global connections
  • We offer a comprehensive careers programme
  • We promote equality across the Academy
  • We encourage students to be positive role models through Student Leadership and Student Voice Programmes


  • We embed high aspirations ensuring that our students are the best version of themselves
  • We strive towards positive outcomes for all
  • We encourage our students to make a positive impact on society
  • We are building a popular academy that meets the needs of our community by building strong relationships with our parents

Our Stories

Our Stories

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