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Year 7 Pack 1 [March/April]

Once work has been completed please email it to your class teacher or take it to the drop off point in reception.

Reading recommendations for Year 7 students

Year 7 Mathematics

Year 7 Maths Tasks


7A and 7D – higher checklist on Hegarty  click here

7B, 7C, 7E and 7F – foundation checklist on Hegarty click here


Year 7 pupils should be concentrating on Number and Algebra.

Calculations worksheet click here

Year 7 Art and Design

Year 7 students are encouraged to work on the following:

Task 1: To create a self-portrait in the style of Rinat Shingareev using materials available to you at home. Use the grid method as practised in class to get the proportions of your face more precise. This task should take two hours at least to complete.

Task 2: To research Rinat Shingareev and write an essay of 1000 words and include pictures.  Students must make a personal opinion about the artist work.


Year 7  Portraiture and Human form

Task 1

To research Vincent Van Gogh and write an essay of 1000 words and include pictures.  Students must make a personal opinion about the artist work.

Task 2

To draw a portrait of Vincent Van Gogh in pencil using formal elements such as tone, line and shape but in your style or an interpretation of artist work.

Task 3

To draw a self-portrait in pencil using formal elements such as tone, line and shape.




Year 7 English

Writing Competitions - new competition each week during the month of May

Writing competition week beginning 4th May 2020

Year 7 students are encouraged to work on the Frankenstein booklet

Reading recommendations for Year 7 students

Year 7 students are encouraged to complete these three activities.

Activity 1

Activity 2

Activity 3 (reading)

KS3 Useful English Revision Sites

Students can click on units involving reading, writing, Shakespeare and poetry and work through the information pages, watch the learning clips and complete the end of unit quiz.

Another great website for English quizzes. Look specifically at the grammar sections that focus on revising word classes, spelling and punctuation.
(note clear you history after each quiz complete to avoid having to sign up to the website.)

If you would like some fun activities for revising SPAG and basic language skills then try this website

Spelling Practice Years 7-9

Mix of Grammar revision and Comprehension Games. Make sure you click the higher level of difficulty as some of these are primary school level if played on easy!

A range of English Language games and activities

Year 7 Geography

Year 7 students are encouraged to work on the following tasks.

Task 1

Create a case study on the Australian bushfires. What do we know about them? How did they happen? What was their impact? Why did they happen?

Task 2

Research climate change and create a poster/display to convince people that climate change is real! Make sure you include handy tips to help people combat climate change and improve the environment.

Task 3

Carry out research on economic development around the world. Which countries are rich and which are not? Why are countries not making as much progress as others? Create a fact file of all relevant information.

Year 7 History

Year 7 students are encouraged to work on the ‘Industrial Revolution’ tasks listed below.


Task 1    How has life developed from medieval England?

Task 2    Research project: create a medieval town.

Task 3    Write a 500 word essay on the impact of the industrial revolution.

Task 4    Write a 500 word essay on the History of Uxbridge.

Task 5    Create a poster on the Battle of Britain Bunker.

Task 6    Create a timeline based on the Peasants Revolt.

Task 7    What history trips would you like to go on this year? Research and write a plan persuading the history department that your trip ideas are a good fit for what we are studying. Include pricing per student, location and form of transport.

Our topics:


Peasants revolt


Task 8    Create a timeline of the Crusades.

Task 9    Write a 500 word essay on why you think it is unlikely for another crusade to happen.




Year 7 Science

Year 7 students are encouraged to work on the following topics:

Organisation focus notes

Atoms, Elements and Compounds focus notes

Forces focus notes


Year 7 Drama

Year 7 Drama Tasks

  • Write a script between Jeff and his mother, when they meet again years later. Jeff’s mum wants to make amends, and Jeff is older and wiser now.

  • Create a storyboard of everything we know about Jeff’s life to date. It should be no more than 8 boxes (moments) in total. Include some written description under each section to inform the viewer.

Year 7 Music

Year 7 students are encouraged to do the following work.

The Elements of Music                                                                                  

Task 1: Create revision cards using the elements of music listed below. Draw/use pictures instead of words (if you like) to describe each element on your revision card.

Task 2: Create a game using your revision cards e.g. pictionary/ charades etc... and play with family members.

Task 3: Create a quiz/crossword/word search puzzle using the elements of music.

Elements of Music

Pitch-High or Low notes

Tempo-Fast or slow/speed of the music

Duration-Long or short notes

Dynamics-Loud or soft notes

Rhythm-The arrangement of long and short notes

Timbre-The distinctive tone of the instrument

Texture-Thick or thin (many or few layers of instruments)

Structure-The order of the piece

Melody- The main tune


Musical Instruments  click here

Task 1: Create a fact sheet/poster about the instruments of the Orchestra. Include key information about the 4 families:

  • Strings
  • Brass
  • Woodwind
  • Percussion

Information could include: the seating plan/instrument materials/description of how each instrumental family creates their sound.

Help links:

Year 7 P.E.

Healthy Living Diary
3 day diary entry of what a healthy lifestyle would look like. 
It can be in the form of time stamped diary. For example:
8am. Wake up. A few stretches out of bed. Brush teeth to keep the gums and teeth healthy. Shower to clean skin.
8:30 am- Make healthy breakfast of 3 egg omelette with peppers to provide useful proteins and single glass of orange juice for vital vitamins.


Year 7 PE Tasks


Task 1 - Produce a report on ‘Benefits of a Healthy, Active Lifestyle’. The minimum word count for this report is 1500 words.


Topics to include: Government guidelines
                                 Eat Well

                                 Mental Health

                                 Lifestyle Habits (Drinking, Smoking etc)

                                 Ways to reduce/ improve (for example how can someone stop smoking, how can someone improve their exercise levels)


Task 2 – Plan a PE lesson of a chosen sport.

Things to include: Learning Objectives (what do you want your participants to learn/ know by the end of your lesson)

Warm up

Skill based activity(ies)  - for example a passing activity for football

Rule enforced game/ conditioned game.


Task 3 - Choosing a sport that you have already learnt design a poster of what you have learnt. Think specifically to each lesson, what was the skill? How to do you perform that skill etc. (how do you pass a ball in football).


Task 4 – Design a 7 day training or fitness programme for a chosen athlete.

Things to include: Diet (what should the athlete be eating?)

Exercise (What exercises/ training should the athlete be doing – how long, how hard?)

PARQ (general information about the athlete – age, name, height, weight, injuries etc.)


Below are a number of activities that students can work on.

Monopoly PE                 

Bingo PE

PE Choice Board

PE Board

PE Activity Links

2 Weeks Fitness Journal

Year 7 Religious Studies

Year 7 students should work their way through the following topics - click here



Year 7 Religious Studies

  1. Research the religious festivals found in the 5 main religions (Christianity, Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism and Buddhism).

  2. Pick one of them and create an illustrated fact file on it.  Think: what are they doing, when do they do it, who gets involved, why are they doing it  and how do they go about organising it.

  3. Analyse your fact file: What do you think about the festival, does it sound like fun, does it have a spiritual purpose, what positive impacts does it have, would you like to take part in it?

Year 7 ATL

Year 7 students are encouraged to complete these work booklets.

Fairground Rides    click here

Bridges                    click here

Year 7 French

Year 7 students are encouraged to work on the following:

Task 1                    Task 2                    Task 3     


  • Complete activities revising school topic.  Click here for worksheet

    Main Task:

    Design and label (in French) your own dream school.

  • Write a blurb about your school that could in a school prospectus.

Students can top up their French language and knowledge   click here

Year 7 Spanish

Year 7 students are encouraged to work on the following:

Revision Booklet

Task 1       Task 2       Task 3       Task 4       Task 5       Task 6       Task 7


  • Complete activities revising descriptions and areas.  Click here for worksheet


    Main Task:

    Complete written paragraphs about your house.

Yera 7 PSHCE

My Isolation Diary - 2020

We are all living through a significant moment in history right now. When you are adults with children or grandchildren no doubt you will be asked about what it was like during these times. Just like our elderly friends and family are with rationing and the war.

This task is to create record for you and your families but also for you to focus on the positives that you see. There are always positives!

If you have a printer at home you can print this document out and fill it in daily or you can simply copy the sections into any notebook or papers that you might have.

This task is open to all year groups, not just the year groups that I teach PSHCE/RE and if you want to share it with me send it via email to….

So let's get started!

Ms Harris

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