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Year 11 Pack 1 [March/April]

Once work has been completed please email it to your class teacher or take it to the drop off point in reception.

Year 11 Mathematics

Year 11 Mathematics have been given their  mock data tracked, so students should be working on Hegarty or their revision guides on the topic that they didn’t get full marks.

Year 11 Maths Tasks

11x/MA1 – higher past papers 

Higher Paper 1                  Higher Paper 2                 Higher Paper 3


11x/MA2, 11x/MA3, 11y/MA1 and 11y/MA2 – foundation past papers

Foundation Paper 1          Foundation Paper 2          Foundation Paper 3

Year 11 Business

Year 11 Business Tasks

  • Learning aim A: Examine the characteristics of enterprises
  • Learning Aim B: Explore how market research helps enterprises to meet customer needs and understand competitor behaviour.
  • Learning aim C: Investigate the factors that contribute to the success of an enterprise
  • Students will have all resources in their books.


Year 11 Computer Science

Year 11 Computer Science Tasks

Year 11

Research defensive design considerations, including:

  • input sanitisation/validation
  • planning for contingencies
  • anticipating misuse
  • authentication

Prepare for the exam by completing online questions. Contact Mr Moran through the classroom if you have any questions.


Year 11 Travel & Tourism

Year 11 Travel & Tourism Tasks

  • Learning AIM A: Maps and worksheet
  • Learning Aim B: PowerPoints
  • Leaning Aim C: work sheets
  • When saving the work on the website

please can you save work on the Unit 4 folder: P:\Business Studies\KS4\BTEC Travel and Tourism\Unit 4 Coursework\Unit 4

Year 11 Art and Design

Year 11  GCSE

Task 1

To complete outstanding coursework in Cass Sculpture Foundation and Natural Forms.

Task 2

To complete June 2020 exam paper preparation.


Year 11 English

Writing Competitions - new competition each week during the month of May

Writing competition week beginning 4th May 2020

Year 11 students are encouraged to work on the English Language papers, the GCSE English Literature Booklets and the Poems (power and conflict) below and visit the useful revision websites listed beneath.

AQA GCSE English Language Paper 1

AQA GCSE English Language Paper 2

GCSE English Literature (Macbeth)

GCSE English Literature (ACC)

GCSE English Literature (AIC)

Power and Conflict Poetry Booklet

1.    Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley

2.    London by William Blake

3.    Extract from the Prelude by William Wordsworth

4.    My Last Duchess by Robert Browning

5.    The Char of the Light Brigade by Alfred Lord Tennyson

6.    Exposure by Wilfred Owen

7.    Storm on the Island by Seamus Heaney

8.    Bayonet Chare by Ted Hughes

9.    Remains by Simon Armitage

10.  Poppies by Jane Weir

11.  War Photographer by Carol Ann Duffy

12.  Tissue by Imtiaz Dharker

13.  The Emigree by Carol Rumens

14.  Kamikaze by Beatrice Garland

15.  Checking Out Me History by John Agard


GCSE Useful English Revision Sites

AQA English Language

Helpful revision site that looks specifically at your GCSE exam board. Work through units on Reading and Writing and complete end of unit quizzes.

Clear revision guide that walks you through each question of the two exams.

Watch the revision video on how to approach the exams and make notes

Useful website that covers a multiple of topics and allows you to revise specific sections of the exam

Mr Buff, is an outstanding English teacher and resource maker. His videos on youtube are extremely helpful and on his channel he has also created videos for all of your literature texts! Grab a notepad whilst watching to make those important notes!


AQA English Literature


An Inspector Calls

A Christmas Carol

Anthology Poems




Year 11 Geography

Year 11 students are strongly encouraged to work on the following tasks:

Task 1

Use your Geography revision books, provided to you in class. These have lots of information and activities you can complete. You are encourage to work through this gradually, checking your answers and gaps in your knowledge.

Task 2

Create spider diagrams/revision cards on the key topics for your exam.

Task 3

Check past papers for Geography on the AQA website, and practise some questions.

Year 11 History

Year 11 students are strongly encouraged to work on the GCSE: Elizabethan England’ tasks listed below.

Task 1    Use revision material to go over Elizabethan England unit.

Task 2    Complete 4, 6,8,12 and 16 mark questions using the last page of the booklet.

Task 3    Revise Germany, Inter-wars, and Medicine and Elizabethan England units using the booklets provided.

Task 4    Explain the significance of anaesthetics in the development of medicine.

[8 marks]

Task 5    Explain two ways in which the Black Death in the Middle Ages and the Cholera epidemics in the 19th century were similar.

[8 marks]

Task 6    Has religion been the main factor in the development of medicine in Britain since Medieval times?

Explain your answer with reference to religion and other factors.

Use a range of examples from across your study of Health and the people: c1000 to the present day.

[16 marks]

Task 7    Write an account of the ways in which the Northern Rebellion affected Elizabethan England.

[8 marks]

Task 8    ‘The main change that Elizabethan manor houses demonstrated was the greater prosperity of their owners.’

How far does a study of Speke Hall support this statement?

Explain your answer.

You should refer to Speke Hall and your contextual knowledge.

[16 marks]

Task 9    Write an account box of how the remilitarisation of the Rhineland increased international tension.

[8 marks]

Year 11 Biology

Year students are strongly encouraged to work on these topics as part of their revision.

Enzymes                                                    Photosynthesis

Microscopy                                                 Respiration Rates

Osmosis                                                     Food Test

Year 11 Chemistry

Year 11 students are strongly encouraged to work on these topics as part of their revision.

Preparation of a Salt                                         Rates of Reaction

Water                                                                Temperature Changes

Electrolysis                                                      Chromatography

Identification of Ions

Year 11 Physics

Year 11 students are strongly encouraged to work on these topics as part of their revision.

Density                                                                 Resistance

FMA                                                                     Specific Heat Capacity

Force and Extension                                            Waves

IV Characteristics

Year 11 DRAMA

Year 11 Drama Tasks

  • Look at the Blood Brothers book or access information online. Revise Blood Brothers – the characters, plot, themes and storyline. Watch the version on YouTube (

  • Look at the Woman in Black booklet if you have it. If you do not, create spider diagrams for the following: characters, costumes, techniques, special effects, storyline, lighting, set, etc.

BBC Bitesize GCSE OCR Drama Exam Specs can be located here

Year 11 Music

Year 11 students are strongly encouraged to complete the following work.

Ob: To complete coursework

Unit 2-Radio Show

Task: Complete unit logs 1 and 2

Unit 6-Multitrack Recording

Task: Complete the Health and Safety Checklist

Click here

Unit 5-Performing

Task: Rehearse your second song focusing on pitch, rhythm and timing and interpretation (putting your own twist on the song).

Year 11 P.E.

Year 11 PE/Sport Tasks

It is important for you to complete your BTEC Sport coursework. The government have not yet decided on how grades will be determined for the vocational subjects and so it is vital that you complete as much of you coursework as possible. For guidance please access the google drive:


If you need your work emailed to you please contact your sport teacher.


Once the work is completed please email it Mr Needham (

Year 11 BTEC Students – Work to be emailed to students by teachers.

Task 1 – Completion of Unit 2 Work. Complete Learning Aim C and enhance work in Learning Aim A & B.

Task 2- Unit 6. Learning Aim A. Attributes and Responsibilities of Sports Leader.

Task 3 – Unit 6. Learning Aim B. Plan a football session and a handball session. Must include warm up, skill builder and conditioned game.


Year 11 – Core PE

Task 1 – 1000 word report on the ‘The Role Fitness and Exercise in Child Development’.

Task 2 – Plan a PE lesson. Must include a warm up, skill based activity and rule enforced game. Can select from following sports: Handball, football, basketball, netball and rugby.

Task 3 - Practice an EBI skill from flightpaths to improve.


Year 11 Film Studies

Year 11 Health and Social Care

Year 11 French

Year 11 students are strongly encouraged to work on the following:


  1. Continue to memorise for speaking exam and learn all 30 questions.
  2. Complete a response to the following writing exam question (16 marks – 90 words).


  • La fête que vous préférez et pourquoi
  • Comment vous célébrez normalement et avec qui
  • Ce que vous avez fait l’année dernière
  • Ce que vous allez manger et boire plus tard

Year 11 PSHCE

Isolation Diary 2020

We are all living through a significant moment in history right now. When you are adults with children or grandchildren no doubt you will be asked about what it was like during these times. Just like our elderly friends and family are with rationing and the war.

This task is to create record for you and your families but also for you to focus on the positives that you see. There are always positives!

If you have a printer at home you can print this document out and fill it in daily or you can simply copy the sections into any notebook or papers that you might have.

This task is open to all year groups, not just the year groups that I teach PSHCE/RE and if you want to share it with me send it via email to….

So let’s get started!

Ms Harris

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