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Year 13 Pack 1 [March/April]

Once work has been completed please email it to your class teacher or take it to the drop off point in reception.

Year 13 Mathematics

Year 13 Maths Tasks

  • Log in to Kerboodle: contact me through Classroom if you have forgotten your password
  • Read and complete the tasks for chapters 18 & 19
  • Take photos of your work and email them to me, or add to the classroom.  I will then check them and send you the worked solutions.
  • Contact me through the Classroom if you have any questions.
  • Past Paper 1 - Pure      Past Paper 2 - Pure     Past Paper 3 -Statistics

Year 13 Business

Year 13 Business Tasks

  • To complete Learning aim A: Examine how effective recruitment and selection contribute to business success
  • Students have all work they need to complete this task.

Year 13 Economics

Year 13 Economics

  • Re-do all 25 marks questions from past papers and upload on Google Drive (folder is created and shared)
  • Go over theme 3 and mark out any misconceptions. Look at Tutor2u and find study materials to clear those misconceptions by creating small index cards filled with revision material
  • Go over theme 4 and summarise how exchange rates affect the monetary policy of governments
  • Completely define and understand the distinction between microeconomics and macroeconomics.

Year 13 Finance

Year 13 Finance Tasks

  • Topic 5 External influence
  • Topic 6 The impact of change.
  • When saving the work on the website

Please can you save work from the Topic 5 and Topic 6 folder P:\Business Studies\Post-16\Financial Studies (CeFS)\Unit 4\Topics\Topic 5 P:\Business Studies\Post-16\Financial Studies (CeFS)\Unit 4\Topics\Topic 6

Year 13 PSHCE

Isolation Diary 2020

We are all living through a significant moment in history right now. When you are adults with children or grandchildren no doubt you will be asked about what it was like during these times. Just like our elderly friends and family are with rationing and the war.

This task is to create record for you and your families but also for you to focus on the positives that you see. There are always positives!

If you have a printer at home you can print this document out and fill it in daily or you can simply copy the sections into any notebook or papers that you might have.

This task is open to all year groups, not just the year groups that I teach PSHCE/RE and if you want to share it with me send it via email to….

So let’s get started!

Ms Harris

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