Kindness competition

Answer the following question – ‘How can we spread kindness in these challenging times?’

In the form of a video taken with your mobile phone device, show us how you are showing kindness to your family at home, or in your bubble. Be creative in making your video; plan out what messages you want to get across, where you are going to film and who might assist you.

You might like to talk about how you phone your family to check up on them, help with the chores, take care of siblings, making a drink or sandwich for someone, telling someone at home how much you appreciate them, offering to help younger siblings with their learning, creating new ways to entertain your family or just taking the dog for a walk.

Our aim is to create a video montage of all the wonderful things that the Park Academy West London family are doing to support each other and be kind. We aim to celebrate this on our website, Facebook and Twitter pages and potentially even in the media!

A panel made up of Ms Mohey, Mrs Bellamy, Mr Taylor and Ms Harris will review the videos and the best ones will receive achievement points, with the overall winner receiving an Amazon voucher!

The deadline for submissions is the 29th January at 3pm.

This form is for parents to confirm that they give permission for their child to take part and submit a video. Any videos received without this form will be excluded and deleted.

We can not wait to see your entries!

Google Form for Parental Consent

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