Pack 4 [July]

PSHCE Garden Project

Pack 3 [June]

Year 9 students are encouraged to complete the following:

Complete this survey before starting.

Read this information: Year 9 PSHCE – Pack 3

Then complete this survey at the end.

Pack 2 [May]

Year 9 students are encouraged to complete the following:

Problem solving in practice

Spin the wheel of strength

Top tips for communication

Pack 1 [April]

Year 9 students are encouraged to work on the following tasks related to stress.

Year 9 PSHCE – Stress

Stress Module Workbook          Stress powerpoint 1          Stress powerpoint 2

Year 9 PSHCE – Healthy Living

  1. Set up a diary to record all the things you eat and drink for a week and record all your exercise no matter how small.
  2. Research the concept of healthy living – Look at examples of diet and exercise and what the government recommend. Consider what the impacts of poor diet and exercise would be.
  3. Look at the packaging on 10 food packets and identify how they communicate the healthiness if them – is it easy to understand? Are they Healthy items?
  4. Research your local area – are the enough opportunities provided for exercise? Is it easy to engage in exercise where you live? Do you engage in exercise – if so what?
  5. Using you food and exercise diary and what you have discovered so far analyse you own health and wellbeing. Do you eat enough of the food groups? Are you getting enough exercise?
  6. Create plan to improve your health and wellbeing – Extension – create one for you family too.


Isolation Diary 2020

We are all living through a significant moment in history right now. When you are adults with children or grandchildren no doubt you will be asked about what it was like during these times. Just like our elderly friends and family are with rationing and the war.

This task is to create record for you and your families but also for you to focus on the positives that you see. There are always positives!

If you have a printer at home you can print this document out and fill it in daily or you can simply copy the sections into any notebook or papers that you might have.

This task is open to all year groups, not just the year groups that I teach PSHCE/RE and if you want to share it with me send it via email to….

So let’s get started!

Ms Harris

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