Apprenticeships are the way our young people can continue their education/training whilst enabling them to work at the same time.  By taking this option they gain valuable working skills and experiences while continuing their education and they start to earn their own money whilst doing this.

Apprenticeships come in a variety of types from Level 2 (which is equivalent to 5 GCSE’s) all the way up to degree level.  The types of careers available vary greatly from practical careers like plumbing and construction to office based positions like accountancy and marketing.

We advise our students to look at all options for their education and training post GCSE providing both in-house and independent careers advice to help them make the right choice.

Included here are links to the government website for the parents guide and apprenticeship search and the slide deck we delivered to our student for National Apprenticeship week 2022. We have also included a handy link to local labour marketing information which includes apprenticeship opportunities.

If you have any questions regarding your young person and apprenticeships please contact Vanya Harris, Careers Lead.

Useful Links

Government Parents Guide

Link to Browse Apprenticeships

Local Labour Market and Apprenticeship Opportunities

Park Academy Apprenticeships Week – Slides

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