Work Experience

Work experience is a very valuable part of our students’ time at Park Academy.  It allows students to spend time in a workplace and experience working life in a real-world setting. For the majority of students it is their first experience of working, but there are many benefits that can be gained from participating in the programme:

  • It enhances their knowledge and understanding of the world of work.
  • It increases self-confidence and understanding of teamwork and collaboration.
  • It helps them to make better informed decisions about their futures.
  • Placements give practical experience and help to increase motivation, determination and a range of interpersonal skills.

All students in Years 10 and 12 are given the opportunity to participate in a week of work experience towards the end of the summer term.

Past experience has shown that it is best for students to find the placement themselves. We will of course support them throughout the process.  Many very successful placements arise out of personal contacts that students have through their friends or relations. Students have to be able to get themselves to the placement, so it is generally best if it is a local placement, but some students do go further afield where families can make the necessary arrangements. In school Year 10 and Year 12 Academic Mentors will be encouraging their students in finding a placement and offering support on how to approach the company or organisation.  Further guidance can be sought from Ms Reynolds.

Important dates:
Thursday 3rd November Parents Information Evening and launch to students
Friday 21st April Deadline for submission of all forms to Ms Reynolds
WB 10th July Year 10 Work Experience
WB 17th July Year 12 Work Experience
Important Documents:
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