Geography is the subject that connects us all; allowing students to examine and understand how the world around them works. Geography at Park Academy West London aims to encourage our students to:

  • Foster an open mindedness towards other people and cultures
  • Develop a sense of responsibility to the world around us
  • Nurture an attitude that promotes our contribution to a peaceful and sustainable advancement of our community and beyond

Throughout the curriculum there is importance placed on the development of key geographical skills and the promotion of consistency within our students learning. Key concepts are taught within different contexts to ensure that all of our students are able to identify with the geography around them. The aim of the curriculum is for them to build the skills they will need for their GCSE’s but also to ensure they have a better understanding of the world. The curriculum is designed to encourage their opinions to be heard and to challenge themselves daily, building a well-rounded individual.

Extended writing, data analysis and critical thinking are some of the most important parts of being a geographer, we hope our students gain a passion for the subject and have the knowledge and power to take it a step further as a potential future career.

Key Stage 4

AQA Geography GCSE

Paper One: 35% – Externally assessed examination (1 hour 30 minutes)

Section A: The Challenge of Natural Hazards

Section B: The Living World

Section C: Physical Landscapes in the UK

Paper Two: 35% – Externally assessed examination (1 hour 30 minutes)

Section A: Urban issues and Challenges

Section B: The Changing Economic World

Section C: The Challenge of Resource Management

Paper Three: 30% – Externally assessed examination (1 hour 15 minutes)

Section A: Issue Evaluation

Section B: Fieldwork

Key Stage 3 Geography Curriculum Map

Key Stage 4 Geography Curriculum Map

Key Stage 5 Geography Curriculum Map


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Curriculum Overview

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Curriculum Overview

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