At Park Academy West London we recognise the personal development of students is a fundamental part of our academic and pastoral work. It is our intention to encourage our students to become ambitious and resilient learners who demonstrate high levels of respect and celebrate diversity in order to become active citizens in modern Britain and beyond.  We also support students to develop a sense of purpose and self worth, to enable them to develop the mindset to achieve, To this end, we aim to develop students spiritually, morally, socially, culturally (SMSC) and ensure that they are treated as individuals whilst doing this.  We aim to teach students about British Values, mutual respect and tolerance.

To support the personal development of all our students, we offer a broad delivery style through many aspects of school life; curriculum, academic mentoring, extra-curricular activities, the pastoral system, assemblies, as well as themed events.

Our PSHCE programme incorporates Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), Health Education and SMSC.  We follow the recommendations laid out by the Department for Education and the PSHE Association, as well as responding to the needs of the local community.  We review and update this regularly in line with their guidance, as well as in consultation with parents, students and staff.

Topics for all students are grouped into 6 core themes:

  • Living in the Wider World
  • Futures
  • Relationships
  • Citizenship & Community
  • Personal Health
  • Emotional Health & Wellbeing

At Key Stage 3, students have two lessons a fortnight and curriculum content will be relevant to the age, understanding, cultural background and circumstances of the students. They will also reflect their needs in terms of language, learning styles and abilities. Students in Key Stages 4 and 5 have timetabled lessons as well as a range of deep learning opportunities where students will be off timetable to explore themes and topics in more depth.

For deeper learning opportunities, we often invite outside agencies into the Academy to conduct targeted sessions.  These opportunities enable students to explore the topics and issues surrounding it with experts in the field on hand to be able to guide and inform.

Some of our partners in these sessions include:

  • The emergency services
  • DSM
  • Brook

Curriculum Maps

Key Stage 3 PSHCE Curriculum Map

Key Stage 4 PSHCE Curriculum Map

Key Stage 5 PSHCE Curriculum Map

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Curriculum Overview

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