16 to 19 Tuition Fund 2021 to 2022

Statement on how we intend to use the fund to support disadvantaged students

The 16 to 19 Tuition Fund was first provided for the 2020 to 2021 academic year and is being extended beyond 2021 to 2022 for a further two years into the 2023 to 2024 academic year. Although the actual tuition does not need to be for GCSE English or maths, it’s only for students who:

  • have not achieved a grade 4 or 5 in English and/or maths
  • have a grade 4 or above in English and/or maths, are from an economically disadvantaged background and would need catch-up support
  • these are defined as students from the 27% most economically deprived areas of the country based on the Index of Multiple Deprivation

All supported students must be on a 16 to 19 study programme and have had their learning disrupted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We need to consider the needs of students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), particularly where students experienced additional disruption.

Park Academy West London is eligible to receive £3750 from this fund for small group tuition.

The target groups for this fund are:

  • GCSE English retake students with grade 3 or less
  • GCSE Maths retake students with grade 3 or less
  • Disadvantaged students identified with challenges and gaps due to extended school closure

Impact of 2020-21 Programme

GCSE Maths In school tuitionGCSE English Language In school tuition
66.7% of grade 3 or below in September 2020, gained a 4 or above in August 2021 Those that did not achieve a grade 4 will continue to benefit from the funding this academic year.100% of grade 3 or below in September 2020, gained a 4 or above in August 2021

Directing of 2021/22 Fund

GCSE Maths or English retake students in Year 12 and 13 (grade 3 or below)

Tuition by existing staffCostImpact
Using existing staff in the Maths or English Faculty for tuition. Series of workshops on specific papers and specific areas of the course. Additional support over October half term and subsequent holidays. Provision of support materials for students £510 Towards Summer 2022 examTo be reviewed on receipt of results

Targeted support for disadvantaged students & SEND

Small group <7 catch up provision for A Levels and vocational courses by third partyCostImpact
Tute (National Tutoring Programme Tuition Partner) Small group <7 support for students identified as disadvantaged due to lack of home study provision during extended Covid-19 school closure period and lacking in resilience. 1 x English group (6 students) 1 x Maths group (7 students)£3040To be reviewed on receipt of results
Record keeping - time for administrator to track attendance, fulfilment of tuition, authorise payments£200
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