At Park Academy West London we promote ‘British Values’ through the entire curriculum as part of our SMSC provision.  We fully recognise the multi cultural, multi faith and ever-changing face of Britain. We understand the crucial role the whole community plays in promoting diversity, tolerance and understanding.

The Academy recognises the importance of this aspect of the curriculum. We also acknowledge the need for discussion of the term ‘British values’ and seek to promote on going debate and exploration of what it means to be British.

As a member of the Aspirations Academy Trust we are led by three guiding principles; Self Worth, Engagement and Purpose.  The eight conditions: Sense of Belonging, Heroes, Sense of Accomplishment, Fun & Excitement, Curiosity & Creativity, Spirit of Adventure, Leadership & Responsibility and Confidence to Take Action. These conditions are developed through our delivery of British Values at Park Academy.

We believe that every member of the Academy community has a part to play in modelling and promoting respect for others and upholding the ‘British Values’.  These values are outlined in the government guidance on Promoting Fundamental British Values: November 2014 Ref DFE-00679- 2014.  They are:


Students have many opportunities for their voice to be heard. We regularly listen to the voices of our students when monitoring and reviewing the work of the Academy and conduct an annual student voice survey to gain feedback on all areas of the Academy. We also gather the views of students to inform planning through the use of I Know My Class Surveys. In addition, all Academic Mentoring groups have the opportunity to give feedback to their mentors.  Democracy is also a significant part of the PSHCE programme delivered through the academic mentoring programme and Democracy is also covered in a number of curriculum areas developing our students’ sense of belonging.

Rule of Law

The Academy has strong links with Police Community Officers, Youth Intervention Officers and Education officers who liaise on the Prevent agenda and other key issues. Students are taught the value and reasons behind the laws that govern and protect us, and the responsibilities involved, and they are taught to understand the consequences when laws are broken. Through the Behaviour System at the Academy we encourage students to demonstrate high standards of behaviour. We help students make decisions and choices that respect all those in the Academy and the wider community, creating an environment of respect and responsibility.

Individual Liberty

The Academy is committed to creating a learning environment that produces the right conditions for students to become resilient and independent learners. We set high expectations and encourage our students to set challenging personal targets.  Students are encouraged to become active and valued citizens developing their sense of self worth. The Academy promotes volunteering through a range of opportunities such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. The Academy supports the UNCRC (United Convention on the Rights of the Child) and students are taught about this in their Academic Mentoring sessions.

Mutual Respect

Respect is a strong part of the Academy’s ethos and vision. Students learn their behaviours have an effect on their own rights and those of others.  All members of the Academy are expected to treat each other with respect and this is reinforced in every area of the curriculum and beyond: through assemblies, Academic Mentoring and collapsed curriculum sessions.

Tolerance and acceptance of those with different cultures and beliefs

As an Aspirations Academy we promote a Sense of Belonging and recognise the importance of providing opportunities that promote acceptance of other cultures and beliefs. The RS curriculum provides a broad and balanced education on a range of faiths and cultures and the PSHCE curriculum ensures all opportunities are taken to broaden our students’ knowledge of other cultures.  In staff planning of schemes of work all teachers aim to develop students’ understanding of SMSC and include consideration of British values. In addition School assemblies, and collapsed curriculum sessions regularly promote tolerance and respect.

At the Academy we strive to ensure that our students leave with the strongest foundation of values upon which to build a successful life and make a full contribution to society.

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