Attendance at Park Academy

Attending school regularly is vitally important for students – every day counts. Without it, the best efforts of teachers and schools come to nothing. Students need to attend regularly to take full advantage of all the educational opportunities open to them. If they do not, their education and career opportunities suffer. Research shows that there is a direct correlation between high levels of attendance and high levels of student attainment.  In addition, further research shows that truants and absentees are more likely to be drawn into patterns of anti-social behaviour, commit crimes or become the victims of crime.  At Park Academy West London, we aim for all students to achieve at least 96% attendance.

Park Academy Attendance Policy September 2023

  • When a child is unable to attend Parents/Carers must contact the Academy by 9am on each day of absence. If leaving a voicemail, please state the child’s name, AM group and the reason for absence.  This can be done by contacting the Academy on 01895 430066 and following the instructions for reporting a student absence.
  • Parents/Carers will need to contact the Academy every day of absence unless the child has been signed off for a specific time by a medical professional
  • Medical and dental appointments should not be made during the school day unless absolutely necessary, in which case proof of the appointment is required. In addition, students must sign in and out at reception.
  • Students are expected to attend before/after their appointment
  • Students may only leave the Academy site with permission from their parent/carer and the Academy.  If a student needs to leave school during the day they should report to reception to sign out.  In order to sign out they will need a note from their parent/carer with the day, date and time they should be leaving and a brief explanation of the reason for doing so.
  • If a student does not have a note then the Academy will make every effort to contact a parent/carer but if it is unable to do so we are unable to allow the student to leave the Academy site.
  • Within line with the Department for children, Schools and Families and guidance from the London Borough of Hillingdon, the Academy will no longer be authorising any leave unless in extreme circumstances
  • Application for leave for extreme circumstances must be submitted in writing to the Principal at least 15 school days before the leave start date. The final decision will be made by the Academy.


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