Park Academy has a wide range of opportunities for Student Voice. These opportunities encourage students to voice their opinions in a positive way and develop their understanding of what it means to be an active citizen. Students are taught about the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and reminded of the responsibilities that come with these rights.

Feedback from students is taken into account when making decisions and actions arising are shared with students on a regular basis.

The following are the Student Voice Activities currently being undertaken:

Annual Student Voice Survey

All students are asked to respond to a detailed survey on a range of aspects in the Academy linked to the Eight Conditions.

The outcomes of the survey are shared with students in assemblies and AM and a key area for improvement is chosen by students to focus on. This year we have been focussing on improving respect.

Park Academy Student Council

Chaired by the Student SLT, meetings are held every three to four weeks. Two students from each Year Group represent the views of the wider student body.

Minutes are shared and highlights discussed in AM Groups.

All students and staff are given the opportunity to offer topics to be discussed in the Student Council.

Park Academy Student SLT

This group meets every Monday first break with Head Boys, Head Girls and Deputies from the Sixth Form and Year 11 Head Boy and Head Girl. A member of SLT attends these meetings to listen to ideas and feedback to SLT.


Selected students from the sixth form and Year 11 are nominated as prefects. These students support break time duties and undertake mentoring activities, support on Parents’ evenings and Academy events.

Student Voice Question Sheets

Every half term AM groups are issued with a key question that we would like to consult on. AM groups undertake a class discussion on the question and make notes on the outcomes. The emphasis is on practical ideas for improvement. Information is collated and the outcomes inform planning and decision-making.

Classroom Surveys

Class teachers conduct online classroom surveys to ask students about topics that have been taught and classroom dynamics.  Feedback and analysis from these surveys then informs teacher planning.

You said...We did...
You asked for a Student Council that was represented by Year GroupsWe established one in January 2018 – it is successfully up and running and on its fifth meeting
You asked if we could get involved in Sports ReliefThe student Council sold wristbands and ran a guess the baby competition and raised £293 for Sports Relief!
You said in Year 11 you wanted help with your revisionWe provided Year 11 Revision guides for each subject with ideas for revision and held an evening to allow you to get ideas from other students and staff
You said that as an Academy we needed to work on our respect for each otherwe made a short film with students speaking about respect and used this in our Teacher Training Session in April 2018. We asked all staff and students to make a pledge about respect and made this into a Pledge Board for everyone to see and adhere to
You said you would like a wider choice of Park Academy bags We have added a Park Academy Rucksack to the selection of bags; these can be purchased online
Where next

Parent Voice

In March 2021 we ran a parent voice survey. We will USe the information from this to inform furure planning. Thank you to all pareNts…

Parent Voice

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