We set homework for students in all year groups, to extend and support their learning in school.

Homework should be written into Student Planners, and may also be set on Google Classroom by their teacher.

Why do we do it?

  • It consolidates and extends your learning
  • It develops your independent learning
  • It informs and involves your parents/carers in your learning

What home-learning can you expect to get?

You will be given homework that is relevant and extends your learning. You will receive feedback on your homework from your teachers and/or peers. You may be asked to complete homework online using websites such as Google Classroom and Hegarty Maths.

How much homework can you expect to get?

Each subject will set homework regularly. This could mean several short tasks or longer extended tasks and projects. It is essential that you write all homework in your planner and make a note of when it is due to hand in.

What happens if I don’t do my homework?

If homework is not handed in on time you will get an instant class teacher detention. This will be recorded on your behaviour log. Your teacher is likely to contact your parents/carers and you will not make as much progress as you should.


We believe that reading is the most important skill students can develop at school.All students should carry a book with them at all times, to read during Academic Mentoring and any Drop Everything and Read Events. Reading helps to develop literacy skills.

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