At Park Academy West London we believe that homework is an essential part of student’s learning and reinforces our values of excellence, endeavour and self-discipline. Homework can have a significant effect on student progress and achievement and promotes successful lifelong learning.

Homework has a number of benefits for students. It:

  • Encourages students to develop the skills, confidence and motivation needed to learn independently
  • Consolidates and reinforces skills and understanding developed in classrooms
  • Encourages creativity and curiosity
  • Teaches students how to manage time effectively and work to deadlines
  • Supports learning in depth by providing opportunities for research and other extended activities

Frequency of Homework:

Year group Subjects When 
Year 7 & 8 All subjects Fortnight
Year 9 Core subjects (Science, English and Maths) Weekly
All non core subjects Fortnight
KS4 All subjects Weekly
KS5 All subjects Weekly

We recognise that not all of our students have a space at home which is conducive to independent study and that some students benefit from some additional help when completing their homework. The following provision is made to support students with homework and independent study:

  • Homework clubs
  • Study areas supervised KS5/KS4

Parental involvement in homework

We strongly encourage parents and carers to be involvement with their child’s homework and regularly discuss homework with their child.  In addition, we encourage parents and carers to:

  • Emphasise the value of homework and explain how it can help their child’s progress in school
  • Ensure that there are suitable conditions at home in which homework can be completed
  • Encourage their child to attend relevant intervention or homework sessions in school
  • Encouraging their child to access a library
  • Once a week, checking  the student planner to ensure that the details are being recorded
  • Communicate with the Academy about any issues which relate to homework.
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