All Year 12 students will participate in a week of Work Experience at the end of the summer term.  This is an important element of the programme of Careers Programme from which our students benefit throughout their time at Park Academy.   Work experience is an opportunity for young people to gain an insight into the world of work, and to help them prepare for the responsibilities and opportunities of adult life.

Work experience at this stage of education, provides students with many benefits including:

  • It supports UCAS personal statements and CVs

For some professions like medicine, law and teaching, completing work experience can provide students with the interesting anecdotes and experiences to reflect on in their personal statement.  It all adds experience onto CVs which can be discussed in interviews.

  • Work experience provides a great sense of maturity and responsibility

For many students it is their first experience of full-time work.  Placement providers expect students to be punctual, proactive and organised. Employers and employees are eager to engage with students and make them feel a part of the team. It’s not only good for those that want to work with the students, but the skills that students gain can contribute to many other aspects of life.

  • Students can make valuable contacts in the industry they want to work in

Work experience can create further career opportunities like internships, apprenticeships or even job offers. Employers are always looking for people who could be a great addition to their team and may want to keep in touch with their work experience students once the placement ends.

Ideally, work experience in Year 12 should take place within their chosen industry area. However, this is not always possible due to a range of restrictions such as their age, data protection and confidentially issues.

Past experience has shown that it is best for students to find the placement themselves. We will of course support them throughout the process.  Many very successful placements arise out of personal contacts that students have through their friends or relations. Students have to be able to get themselves to the placement, so it is generally best if it is a local placement, but some students do go further afield where families can make the necessary arrangements. In school Academic Mentors will be encouraging their Year 12 students in finding a placement and if more help is needed then appointments can be made with our Careers Lead, Ms Harris.

Important dates:
  • Friday 6th May – Deadline for return of Work experience forms
  • 2-3 weeks before placement parents/student to confirm with employer
  • 18th – 22nd – Work Experience
Important documents

Year 12 Work Experience Parental Letter

Year 12 Work Experience General Information

Year 12 Work Experience Permission Slip

Year 12 Work Experience Information for Employer

Year 12 Work Experience Insurance Form

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