How do we meet the requirements of the 16 – 19 study programme?

All ESFA funded education for 16 to 19 year olds should be delivered as a study programme which combines qualifications and other activities, and which is tailored to each student’s prior attainment and career goals.

  • Every study programme must have a core aim. For the majority of students, this will be either the study of substantial technical, applied or academic qualification(s) or preparation for employment

The sixth form programme at Park Academy consists of a Level 3 programme. The Level 3 programme is composed mostly of academic qualifications and many students study facilitating subjects [see the Courses page].

  • Young people who do not hold a GCSE grade 4  in Maths or English are required to continue these subjects as part of their study programme

Park Academy sixth form students who do not hold a grade 4 in Maths or English are provided with time on their programme to retake these subjects. They can retake either Maths or English, not both.

  • All study programmes should include work experience and non-qualification activities which complement the other elements of the programme and support the student to progress to further or higher education or to employment. The non-qualification activity should develop students’ character, skills, attitudes and confidence.

Students in our sixth form are expected to take part in a number of activities which provide them with opportunity to develop a range of “soft skills”.

  • Mentor time is used effectively to discuss a range of important issues and develop key skills
  • Every student in Year 12 takes part in the Aspirations Employability Diploma (AED) where they work with employers who commission projects which groups work on over the course of a 10 week period
  • Drop down days provide opportunities to cover life skills and visits to higher education providers.
  • In the autumn term students work with a range of local employers who give them the opportunity to have a formal interview.
  • All students receive careers and future planning support
  • Some students in year 12 actively seek work experience placements with the support of the sixth form team.

Further information about the 16-19 Study Programme can be found on the website, by clicking HERE


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