All Grades

A* to A Grades4%
A* to B Grades16%
A* to C Grades39%
A* to D Grades71%
A* to E Grades86%

Category: A Level

A Level Students55
A Level APS (Per Entry)23.4
A Level APS (Per Entry) GradeD+
A Level Value Added-0.89
A level 3+ A levels A*-E30.91%
A level 2+ A levels A*-E49.09%
A level AAB with 2 Facilitating3.7%

A Level Grades

A* to A A Level Grades5.58
A* to B A Level Grades23.72
A* to C A Level Grades51.16
A* to D A Level Grades70.7
A* to E A Level Grades82.79
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