Pack 4 [July]

Music Work Pack

Music Theory Worksheet 17

Music Theory Worksheet 18

Music Theory Worksheet 19

Music Theory – Note Values and Time Signatures Glossary

Grand Staff Note Name Speed Test A-100 Notes


Pack 3 [June]

Year 7 students are encouraged to complete the following:

Year 7 Music – Pack 3







Pack 2 [May]

Year 7 students are encouraged to complete the following:

KS3 Music – Pack 2

Task 1     Task 2      Task 3        Task 4       Task 5       Task 6

Pack 1 [April]

Year 7 students are encouraged to do the following work.

Musical Instruments click here

Task 1: Create a fact sheet/poster about the instruments of the Orchestra. Include key information about the 4 families:

  • Strings
  • Brass
  • Woodwind
  • Percussion

Information could include: the seating plan/instrument materials/description of how each instrumental family creates their sound.

Help links:

Task 2: Create an instrument of the Orchestra quiz or game:

  • Guess the instrument
  • Instrument word search
  • Crossword

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