Year 9 Roadmaps Assembly

From the start of year 7 we focus on building skills, attributes and knowledge to help students to achieve their dreams. Helping them to develop their own personal roadmap to a successful future enables the students to see their time here as a crucial step towards their ultimate goals. One of the first independent decisions they get to make on their roadmap is their GCSE options.

On 11 November 2020 Park Academy West London Students participated in an assembly focussed on beginning to tackle this first big decision. They explored the different factors to consider when making these important decisions and where they could get help.

They also explored ideas around different career types and the skills/studies required for them whilst applying them to their own possible future career paths. All through a fun card sorting activity.


Year 11 Futures Interviews

From the 16 to the 27 November each of our year 11 students will take part in a Futures Interview with their Academic Mentors.

The purpose of these interviews is to get the students thinking about their next steps as early as possible. Discussing their further education/ training options, what their aspirations for the future are and establishing how the school can support them individually to realise those aspirations.

These interviews are also a great opportunity for the students to practice those valuable interview skills and reminds them that their time at Park Academy West London is a crucial part of their wider journey towards their chosen career.

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Curriculum Overview

Park Academy West London Curriculum Outline This  explains the curriculum the Academy is working towards. This outline should be read in conjunction with the more…

Curriculum Overview

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