Pack 4 [July]

Year 10 History Work Pack

Pack 3 [June]

Year 10 History Pack 3

Pack 2 [May]

Year 10 students are encouraged to complete the following:

Year 10 History – Pack 2

Pack 1 [April]

Year 10 students are strongly encouraged to work on the ‘GCSE: Medicine’ tasks listed below.

Task 1    Go through Medicine unit using the handout booklet.

Task 2    Complete exam questions on final page of the booklet.

Task 3    Memorise and practice exam structure.

Task 4    Write a 1000-2000 word essay, going through the key dates, developments and people of the 19th century.

Task 5    Create flash cards on 10 medical developments and its impact.

Task 6    Create flash cards on 7 doctors/medical scientist and what they discovered. For example: Alexander Fleming and Penicillin. How did this improve medicine?

Task 7    Create a timeline on medicine in Medieval Britain.

Task 8    Create a timeline on medicine in the renaissance time period.

Task 9    Write a 1000 word essay on the key differences between medicine in Medieval Britain vs 19th century medicine.

Task 10 Explain the significance of anaesthetics in the development of medicine.

[8 marks]. Access the mark scheme online to mark your own exam question. It is important that you familiarise yourself with the mark scheme.

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