Pack 4 [July]

Year 10 Work Pack

Record Labels

The Mixing Desk-Signal Flow Student

Mixer’s EQ Section Student

Health and Safety Checklist – D1

Lily Wells Health and Safety Checklist EXAMPLE ONLY

Technical Planning – D1 Microphone Stand  Pop Shield

Lily Wells Microphone Stand and Pop Shield EXAMPLE ONLY

Pack 3 [June]

Year 10 students are encouraged to complete the following:

Year 10 Music Pack 3

Year 10 Music Unit 6 2a Dynamic and Condenser Microphones worksheet

Year 10 Music Unit 6 2b Polar Patterns worksheet

Year 10 Music Unit 5 Performance Keywords

Year 10 Music Unit 5 Weekly Review Booklet

Year 10 Music Unit 1 3a PPL _ PRS

Year 10 Music Unit 1 3b Royality Collection Agencies

Pack 2 [May]

Year 10 students are encouraged to complete the following:

Year 10 music – Pack 2.1

Year 10 Music – Pack 2.2

Year 10 Music – Pack 2.3

Year 10 Music – Pack 2.4

Pack 1 [April]

Year 10 students are strongly encourage to complete the following work.

Music Posters:      Poster 1        Poster 2  

Music Performance Skills

Task 1: Create revision cards of performance keywords.

Task 2: Create game to test your knowledge and understanding of these keywords. Ask a family member/friend to play the game with you.

Performance Keywords

Rhythm & Timing– playing/singing each note/beat for the correct length of time
Pitch-playing/singing the correct high/low notes
Tuning– being able to hear when you’re playing/singing wrong notes and change to correct it
Phrasing-playing your part without putting spaces in the wrong place
Learning Repertoire– knowing how to play/sing your song from beginning to end
Range– being able to use a large range of notes with your voice/on an instrument
Musical Interaction-keeping in time with the band and following the changes in the music
Following an Accompaniment–  listening to the band and adjusting your tempo, your dynamics and your sound to match theirs
Stage Presence and confidence-moving around the stage/hand and body movements/smiling/looking like you’re enjoying the performance
Dynamics-playing/singing loud/soft notes to help tell the story of the song
Interpretation-putting your own twist on a performance
Warm-ups-getting your instrument/voice ready for performance

Technical exercises-warm ups for your particular instrument to help improve your technique/skill

Projection- singing loudly and clearly

Vibrato-controlled shaking of the voice

Breath Control-taking breaths in the right places and keeping your voice steady

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