Pack 4 [July]

Year 9 French Work Pack

Pack 3 [June]

Year 9 students are encouraged to complete the following:

Year 9 French – Pack 3

Pack 2 [May]

Year 9 students are encouraged to complete the following:

  1.  Week 1: Complete Festivals Quiz and if possible, research Bastille Day in France.EXT: Choice of activity from top up languages poster.
  2. Week 2: Complete Grammar Revision & Work Booklet with help from French Grammar Help Booklet
  3. Week 3: Written task to be sent to class teacher for feedback:
    1. Write about your favourite festival/holiday to celebrate with opinions, reasons and attempts at 3 tenses.

Pack 1 [April]

Year 9 students are encouraged to work on the following:

French Grammar Revision and Work Booklet  

Practising French Grammar Exercise

French Grammar Help Booklet

Complete activities revising school topic.  Click here for worksheet

Main Task:

Design and label (in French) your own dream school. Write a blurb about your school that could in a school prospectus. You must include rules, teachers and details of a future school trip.

Students can top up their French language and knowledge click here

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